ISPCare Features


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Business Workflow

Many ISP Business workflow procedures are built in ISPCare:

  • Subscription Workflow
  • Voucher generation workflow
  • Batch Payment

Ticketing System

  • Easy to use ticketing system
  • Tech Support/Troubletickets
  • Troubleshooter/Knowledge Base

Point of Sales

Point of sales subsystem includes:

  • Point of sales management
  • Point of sales control panel

Provisioning Sub-System

Provisioning subsystem cover a wide number of services such as:

  • Mail servers: qmail, postfix, courier-imap, dovecot
  • Radius serves: freeradius, openradiator
  • openldap
  • FTP servers: proftpd
  • ....

Server Provisioning [SQL Statements, SSH, Command Line]

  • Mass Mailings
  • NAS Servers Management, IP Ranges allocation
  • DNS Servers administration
  • AV-Desk Server administration
  • SMS Gateway Management
  • Full Radius Groups and Profiles management
  • Unix Server Integration
  • Unix Database Server Platform
  • Database Engine [PostgerSQL, MySql]

Billing & Accounting

  • Flexible Billing Cycles Any number of months, days and/or hours per customer
  • Single & Multi user Accounts
  • Usage Billing: Bandwidth, SMS messages ...
  • Block Time Billing
  • Automatic Suspension based on the financial status of a subscriber, or Service limits
  • Define a package as a set of any of the following services
    • Internt Access: All connection types ADSL, Dialup, ISDN
    • Email: Aut-reply, Auto-Responder
    • FTP Access: With http access. to allow personal websites
    • SMS: using any SMS provider
    • Anti Virus: Drweb AV-Desk, Avira, ...
  • Users can buy a package or just one feature of any package: allowing users to get Real Ips, add more hours, add more bandwidth without the need to buy a full package
  • Features pricing can be one of: Linear pricing, Flat Pricing, Pricing by range
  • Email Invoicing
  • Prepaid Cards: Built-in customizable generator, with full workflow support 

Web User Interface

  • Localization [English, Arabic]
  • Multi-Company Support (resellers accounts
  • Web Interface [Online Order - Customer Care- Staff - Tech Support - Salesperson - Server Setup - Troubleshooter - Dialup Number Locator ]
  • Online Signup

Reports and trackers


  • Custom Reporting
  • Users & Packages reports
  • Usage Report
  • Dialup Number Tracker
  • IP Address Tracking