ISPCare is a billing and system management for ISPs. ISPCare is not just a billing system it tends to take over many tasks of  ISP operations. Designed to be easily integrated into any existing ISP design. ISPCare Provisioning subsystem can support many services back-ends in addition to allowing system administrators to write there own plugins.


Built with open source tools Apache, C, PHP, Mysql+Postgres Sql no extra commercial products are needed. ISPCare API was designed using (Unique Framework) and offers a multi language, multi user interface with native Arabic support.

            Administration panel offers resellers and staff members an easy to user interface with flexible and powerful search and reporting features.

            Point Of Sales panel offers resellers and point of sales full access to ISP services.

            Selfcare Panel allows subscribers to manage their personal, family or business accounts, adding more services and users to their accounts, also account balance can be used in any kind of service other than basic ISP services.

            Using ISPCare API ; ISPs can allow subscribers to use their account balance in purchasing any additional service: Hosting, SMS (other than the built in support), ...

            Order Panel: is generated for each reseller with his own packages. Order Panel supports free subscription and special offers subscription. Order Panel is designed to be integrated into existing reseller Portal.


ISPCare System consists of  separate modules that work together to automate the full billing procedures